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Fabricate is a demonstrative design project which aims to inspire upcycling of waste materials to produce desirable objects made by end users. Informed by my own personal passion for textiles, I mapped the material ecosystem of synthetic textile garments in Australia, exploring possibilities redirecting textiles from waste streams and evaluating materials as viable options for creating objects through self-directed processes facilitating enlightenment of future use.

Investigating form generation and independent making processes through exploration to help develop processes which can be achieved simply, developing forms which are functional yet sensorial and aesthetically appealing. The project proposes a range of sustainable furniture products using DIY knowledge towards a sharing and making approach, it aims to demonstrate a way to shift understanding towards the value of waste and create a connection with material recognition and their past and future in a lifecycle.

The fabricate website aims to share discoveries made during experimentation and provide instructional information for others to achieve each process creating their own furniture.The website also allows for communication between users about the culture of upcycling, facilitating others to share new processes and continue development towards new products.

I hope you all enjoy the Fabricate project and find something of interest, to spark new ideas for upcycling textile waste.

Cheers, Michelle.

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